Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Christan has been eyeing my food up for quite some time, so yesterday I caved and gave him some rice you can see, he LOVED it and seemed to be starved! I have been giving him my apple to suck on for a few days and he loves it.

My Lucky Charms

How cute are these kids?! It's the only in focus photo I got from our mini session. Oh well.

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Friday, March 16, 2012

The boys sure are growing..

Here are some photos from the past few weeks of the boys.

Christian has been battling an ear infection that won't go away, teething crazy, he is learning to sit and is still the happiest baby in the world! This kid loves to smile! He is now rolling like a champ from both directions and all around the living room floor. He loves to watch his big brother play.

Ashton is growing leaps and bounds and talking up a storm. I am so proud of how far he has come. He has been working with a speech therapist about three times a month and has really come out of his shell. He is now saying 5 word sentences (not consistent and they sometimes are backwards) which is far cry from where we were a few months ago. I guess they talk when they are ready. It's so much fun to talk with him. Ashton finally is able to shaka (that is the picture of him in his car seat) funny to watch him master the thumb and pinkie!!!

Both these boys are more than I could have ever asked for. Yes, they give me a run for my money, but I would not trade my life for anything in the world. It's hard raising these kids with just the two of us, but we've made it work and I am so proud of my husband for being an amazing father. He loves those boys and me more than anything. He works so hard to make us happy! I'm sure he never reads these posts, but if you do babe, thank you! I fall in love with you more each day. You're more than I could have ever imagined.

Happy Birthday, Kristin

This year was Kristin's big 30! Wahoo! I had my first evening out without the boys since Christian was born (5.5 months ago). It was fun to actually get dressed up and put on some make-up while the hubs was in charge of evening duty (bath and bed). We went to Roys for a yummy dinner. Adam told me that Ashton wanted to find me, so they got all dressed in their 'winter' clothes to go outside in the dark to look for me! I love them!

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Shameless self-portoriat (the kids may want to know what I look like), LOL!, Kristin blowing our her candels and Ashton all geared up to find Mommy.

Choo, Choo...

Ashton has been begging to go to the "maall" to ride the "choo, choo" for a few weeks now, so on Sunday Riis & Kristen met us at Dole Plantation to ride their train. Of course it was raining and cold and my kids had on shorts and t-shirts....ding, ding...mother of the year award...I didn't have a sweatshirt or umbrella for my kids...all I had was a beach towel..nice, huh? I wasn't about to pay $40 for a kids sweatshirt so we used the beach towel as an umbrealla and sweatshirt.

Riis and Ashton as so cute together. They are finally able to really play with one another. Ashton is always asking me about Riis these days...

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Christian is 5 months old!

Wow, what a month. We've had one sick little boy with Christan. Thank goodness he was feeling much better after a little over a week. Poor guy had bronchitis.

Here are some photos from our session today.

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~Christian can now sit tripod (or alone sometimes)
~Rolled from belly to back today (I think it was a fluke though - he has his arm already tucked under his belly)
~Would rather be held now than be on his play mat
~Loves to watch his big brother play with his trucks
~Puts any and everything into his mouth
~He loves to suck on his big toe
~Is sleeping pretty well - I am thinking he only wakes up once or twice a night
~Prefers to sleep on his belly
~Still sleeping with mommy and Ashton
~Wakes up at 5:00 am
~Wearing 9 month old clothing and size 3 diapers
~His bald spots are starting to fill in with hair - he does have a bald spot that will always be that way - I don't remember the name but he was born without skin on a spot on his head - thus no hair follicles.
~Still is not a fan of his car seat.
~Is about 17lbs or so