Tuesday, December 8, 2009

First Day with Auntie Gayle

Ashton was lucky enough to spend a couple days with Auntie Gayle, his new sitter. She is a lovely lady from Alabama who retired here with her husband and four kids (who are now grown). Ashton's first day was ok. Auntie Gayle mentioned that it will take a little time for her to interpret his cries and that she did have to put him down a few times to assist with the other kid's lunch (I can imagine that Ashton was doing that high pitch scream he would pull on his mom-mom and daddy).

I had the best intentions to take pictures but forgot since I was so happy to pick him up and get him home so I could cuddle with him, but we did take some once we got home. You will see in the picture that Auntie Gayle takes notes though out the day on how much Ashton ate at what time, his naps and dirty diapers. Once he gets older she will let us know what he played with and with whom.

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