Monday, January 11, 2010

Wee Play

Ashton and I are looking for something to keep us entertained on the weekends since Adam is always working and I am looking to meet some other mom's that I can make friends with. There are several different places we are going to try out. Fortunately for us, there is no charge for the intro classes.

Yesterday we went to Wee Play over at Ward Center. It is a super nice facility, with mats everywhere, a studio for mom to workout in, a preschool and they offer open play for an hour a day in addition to the many classes suited for each age group.

I'm not sure that Ashton is old enough for this type of class yet (even though it is for his age group, I didn't feel like it was geared towards his age). Of course ,we were the only two there which defeats one of the purposes to join this type of activity. The class is a mix of music, playing with toys, singing and dancing, along with musical instruments.

Overall, I was a bit disappointed and don't think I will be paying the $150 for 3 months (weekends only).

Next weekend, we're going to check out Ohana Music.

P.S. Poor Ashton is sick again. He has had somewhat of a cold since we got back from Maryland almost two weeks ago. Poor baby:-(

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