Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy 4th of July

We had a great day as a family!

We had breakfast at Ruby Tuesdays (really yummy by the way), then we did a little shopping, then off to Makaha beach for the day and finally finished up the evening at the Chesters' house.

Here are some photos from our day having lunch and relaxing on the beach. Ashton loves the beach and is so happy to just hang out in his pack and play while I read a magazine! It was heaven. Adam took him in the water a few times which he just loves!

After the beach we came home and rushed back out to hang out at with the Chester Family. Nathan, Joshua, and Chole had a blast with Ashton. We didn't light the fireworks until way after 9:00 pm. Poor Ashton stayed awake for a few but of course was a little frightened (I think it was a little too loud for him) so I put him in his Ergo carrier and he feel fast asleep.

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