Monday, January 30, 2012

Guess who is 4 months old!

Christian is an amazing, happy baby! Christian loves to be cuddled, his swing, Sophie the giraffe, being carrier in his carrier, to check out the world around him, and of course, he loves his big brother!

Some fun facts about Christian:
~he can roll from back to belly like a pro. He's so fast
~he puts any and everything in his mouth
~Christian has found his toes and loves to suck on his big toe
~he is able to grasp an object and put it in his mouth
~weights a little less than 16lbs (I can't remember the exact ounces)
~loves to fall asleep in his swing over me rocking him to sleep or even nursing to sleep
~has a great time at daycare (4 girls and 1 boy)
~had his first ear infection
~still loves to 'talk'
~has a super strong head and back
~likes to sit in his bumbo for short periods of time
~with me Christian usually naps about 4 times a day with 30 minute - 2 hour naps
~he still wakes up multiple times a night to nurse (I'd rather not count, but I am thinking about 3-4 times)
~still sleeping with me and Ashton
~wears a size 3 diaper but he is really between the 2 and 3
~wears at least 6 month old clothing but more on the 9 month side

I really and try to get Ashton in these photos so we can watch him grow with Christian. But boy is Ashton on the move...most photos of him are blurry these days!

I've added the stats from his well baby check up on 2/9/12

Birth Weight: 7 lbs 15.9 oz
2 days: 7 lbs 9.4 oz (43.55%)
18 days: 9 lbs 1.9 oz (52.45%)
9 weeks: 13lb 4.7oz (83.31%)
19 weeks: 16lbs 5.2oz (70.55%)

Birth Height: 19.69" (50.17%)
2 days: 19.69" (50.17%)
18 days: 22.25" (90.20%)
9 weeks: 24.25" (89.23%)
19 weeks: 26.75" (92.96%)

Birth HC: 13.19" (13.39%)
2 days: 13.19" (13.39%)
18 days: 14.49" (36.55%)
9 weeks: 16.26" (80.03)
19 weeks: 16.89" (60.87%)

Check out our little man
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Mama loves you, Christian! You are such a blessing and I am so thankful God chose me to be your mommy! I love you and your brother more than you'll ever know.

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