Friday, September 3, 2010

Guess who's 1!!!

I just can't believe that little boy who stole my heart the day I laid eyes on him is now a year old! Where has the time gone?

Ashton had a huge 1st birthday party planned for him (bubble show, balloon twisters, a photographer...the works!!) then we got a call from my mom and things were not well with her. She had planned to be here in Hawaii for this first birthday (it was very important to her) and since he doctor told her there was no way she could make the trip, we cancelled everything and flew back to Maryland so that she could help celebrate Ashton's party. We ended up putting together a great party in less than a week! Granted, it was not on his actual birthday...more on that was still a great party! We had all you can eat crabs, tons of delicious fried chicken, water melon, corn on the cob, potato salad and so much more! We rented a pavilion at the Bishopville park which also had a huge play ground that kept the kids more than entertained for 4+ hours while everyone got to eat good food with friends and family.

I had practiced singing the happy birthday song to Ashton so he was very prepared for his big moment. Well the moment came and my not shy son, was sooo shy! I so wish we had it on video but I completely forgot to bring out the video camera. We took a ton of pictures though. To my surprise, Ashton's not a huge cake lover. He didn't want much to do with it.

Here are a few photos from the day.

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Ashton is now walking! He took his first step at day care on July 20th and then I would say he was really walking all the time (no more crawling) a few days before his first birthday. He also finally said, "ma!" Not mama or mommy, just ma! I love it! I think he said that a few days before his first birthday as well. Ashton can now say, dog, ball, balloon, dad, ma, ba (bottle). He is still nursing like a champ and NOT sleeping though the night (it's fine..he won't be like this forever and I really do appreciate all the advice), he loves to hang with his ma but loves going to daycare to hang out with his friends. Oh and the best thing yet...I picked him up from daycare the other day and he reached in for a was the best thing yet! He is so loving and loves to have fun. He has 8 teeth (4 top and 4 bottom) now with more making him uncomfortable. He's a good sport though!

Ashton has grown so fast! Check out these photos (his 12 month photo is about 3 weeks after his 1st b-day....I forgot to take it on his b-day and then left the sticker at my moms so I just received it in the mail yesterday.

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